shone5_72We get it — we all love making money, but not all of us like talking finances. Whether your strengths lie in other areas, or even if you’re pretty well-versed in finance but simply do not have the time, we are here to make your financial planning and investment management simple.

Shone Asset Management provides financial planning and investment management services to “delegators” on a fee-only basis. We accept no form of commission based compensation. Our clients generally fall into two categories, explained below:

  1. Those that understand that they do not have the requisite skill set and aptitude to fully handle their own financial planning and investment management needs on their own and thus seek out a professional advisor.
  2. Those that have the requisite skill set and aptitude, but do not feel that they have the time to adequately handle their financial planning and investment management affairs. This awareness allows them to seek out a professional advisory relationship in order to allow them to concentrate on other areas.

Our clients engage us to help create a sliver of order in an otherwise chaotic world. Our ultimate goal is to help clarify and prioritize your goals and dreams and determine how to use your assets to best reach them. By providing objective, personalized expertise and service, we assist our clients in creating better futures.

The path of financial planning isn’t always straight and narrow — it’s an ongoing, dynamic process that may change based on situations. By having an open and ongoing dialogue with our clients, we are able to learn more about the goals that drive their life values and be prepared to advise properly when bumps in the road may occur. As always, the quality of our advice depends largely on the quality of information that is provided to us. Getting to know our clients is one of the many joys of our job — your goals and dreams are what fuels us to continue offering the best advice so that we can be there when they finally become a reality.

Our clients recognize that we don’t always have the answers. Financial planning, similar to life, isn’t an exact science, but we will always work to find answers while placing their interests first. Clients also recognize that there is no foolproof way to “beat the market.” Designing portfolios is certainly a critical component of what we deliver to clients, however it is only one component. Using the financial planning process to help clients meet or exceed their goals is how we define success, rather than outperforming indices.